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What is Wireless Security Camera?

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The wireless security camera is an all-in-one camera transmission system for professional security recording. The product has a long life and is simple to install. It comes with a 12 volt DC transformer. There are 2.4G or 5.8G wireless security camera and Wi-Fi wireless surveillance camera.

The wireless security camera outputs ordinary PAL TV signal, built-in electronic automatic light-sensing device, provides automatic light compensation function, very low power consumption, and prevents image blur and smearing.

Operational Principle

The wireless security camera is a new type of surveillance camera that embeds the wireless receiver into the network camera. It uses WIFI channels and complies with the IEEE 802.11B/G standard protocol. WIFI is a wireless network composed of AP (Access Point) and wireless network card. AP is generally called a network bridge or access point. It is used as a bridge between a traditional wired local area network and a wireless local area network. Therefore, any PC equipped with a wireless network card can share the wired local area network through the AP Even the resources of the wide area network work as a hub or router with a built-in wireless transmitter, and the wireless network card is the CLIENT end device responsible for receiving the signal transmitted by the AP. With an AP, like a switch or router in a general wired network, wireless workstations can quickly and easily connect to the network.

In short, when one end of the switch is connected to a wireless AP or wireless router, and one or more wireless cameras are installed within the signal coverage of the wireless AP/wireless router, a simple wireless video surveillance system is formed. Display and management are realized by computers in the local area network (in the wireless network or connected to the switch), and the pan/tilt control signal is also transmitted wirelessly. If the wireless AP or router is connected to the Internet, after performing dynamic domain name resolution and port mapping on the wireless camera, remote audio and video monitoring can be realized.

Technical Parameters

(1) The lens is light in weight and small in size, size: 15*15*15mm (the smallest CCD in the world) for flexible and concealed shooting.

(2) 480 line broadcast CCD chip, 120 degree wide angle 0.05LUX ultra-low illumination.

(3) The focal length of the lens can be fine-tuned, and text can be taken at a distance of 2CM at close range.

(4) Built-in professional pickup, with filter noise reduction sound clearer.

(5) 500-800m wireless microwave video and audio transmission, automatic frequency lock for transmitting and receiving signals, and more stable images.

(6) Large-capacity lithium battery, recharged for 800 times, small size and long power supply time without memory.

Lens Technical Index

● Imaging device: 1/3" Super HAD CCD

● Pixel: 752*582

● Photosensitive area: 4.9mm*3.7mm

● Horizontal resolution: 480 lines

● Minimum illumination: 0.05LUX/0.01LUX

● CCD aperture: 1/50 (1/60)-100,000 (seconds)

● Signal to noise ratio: greater than 48db

● Minimum illumination: 0.05Lux at F1.2

● Video output: 1.0Vp-p, 75 ohms

● Socket: VIDEO OUT 75 Euro

● Power required: DC12V

● Power consumption: 200mA

● White balance: automatic tracking white balance

● Focus: auto focus mode

● Lens angle: 120 degree wide angle

● Microwave transmission distance: 500-800 meters.

Operating Procedures

Step 1: First connect the lens cable to the host;

Step 2: Turn on the host switch;

Step 3: Connect the 12V power output connector of the receiver control box to the 12V power input hole of the receiver;

Step 4: Connect the 12V lithium battery pack to the 12V input terminal of the receiver control box;

Step 5: Connect the AV output line of the receiver to the AV input port of the DV machine, and align the receiving box with the lens end of the DV machine, and then adjust the DV machine to the playback file.


The scope of application of wireless security cameras is criminal investigation, technical investigation, economic investigation, anti-drug, anti-smuggling, political security, national security, security, anti-corruption, anti-terrorism, anti-evil and other departments, as well as on-site negotiations, interrogation rooms, gambling, TV station directors, and film and television shooting commands, and other places.

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