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Smart Apartments Security Solutions

Smart Apartments Security Solutions

In current Internet era, people are not only asking for an improvement in the quality of life, but also paying more and more attention to the security in living environment. The implementation of the "multiple security system" combines and complements the civil and mechanical defenses, and uses the key deployment and control in the apartment to form a linear prevention and control, and a comprehensive and all-round security system to ensure the citizens' living safety. The following are the security cameras system solutions for smart apartments.



Multiple Security Cameras System Solutions for Apartments:


Step 1: 360° Camera Monitoring Inside the Apartment

The public areas of the apartment are equipped with security monitoring cameras, and there are no dead spots in the apartment security monitoring to ensure the safety of the residents in the apartment.


Step 2: Personnel Patrol + Mechanical Surveillance, 7*24 hours Fixed-point Electronic Patrol.

By setting up electronic patrol points reasonably, the patrol line of security personnel can closely cover all locations of the apartment, ensuring that the patrol frequency and surveillance of security personnel meet the standards.


Step 3: Entrance and Exit Access Control

The triple access control of apartment entrance, building entrance and parking lot entrance and exit is integrated to ensure the residents’ safety under the premise of facilitating their travel.



Step 4: Indoor Video Intercom System

The building is equipped with a video intercom system, through the high-definition display and night vision function, so that residents can clearly understand the situation of visitors, to prevent the entry of miscellaneous people. At the same time, the video intercom system has a one-button defense function that can be connected to the central control monitoring, and the property will be notified of changes in the house as soon as possible.


Step 5: Indoor One-key Alarm System

Each house is equipped with a security alarm button connected to the central control room, and security personnel are on duty 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies at any time.



Intelligent Monitoring System and Equipment


Video Surveillance System

Entrance & Exit Barrier System

Parking Lot Management System

Video Intercom System,

Electronic Patrol System

Perimeter Alarm System

Entrance and Access Control

Combustible Gas Alarm

Elevator Video Monitoring.



The smart home terminal devices can be connected to various security detectors. If an alarm occurs, the alarm information will be sent to the community management center monitoring host through the community area network, and the alarm system will send the alarm information to the resident or the relevant responsible person. Remote monitoring system monitors the home status at any time through the network, and can connect multiple cameras to realize remote network monitoring. Therefore, a smart apartment security cameras system is ready for you.

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