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Construction Site Surveillance Solutions

Construction Site Surveillance Solutions

The construction site is divided into outdoor construction site and interior decoration site. The two video surveillance solutions have similarities and differences. Now we separately arrange video surveillance solutions for two different construction sites.


Video Surveillance Solutions for Outdoor Construction Sites


The outdoor construction site video monitoring system mainly uses local voice warnings and 3G or 4G wireless video to monitor the overhead lines and surrounding conditions of the construction site. Once a tower crane or vehicle is found crossing the overhead line, immediately start video recording and remotely give voice warnings and shouts to prevent the damage to the overhead line from continuing. If the matter is serious, notify the relevant maintenance personnel to rush to the scene to deal with the situation and protect the building The role of overhead lines on the construction site.



Features of Outdoor Construction Sites Video Surveillance Solutions

1. Support real-time acquisition of high-definition digital video and pictures, real-time monitoring of the scene.

2. Support tower base infrared detection external force alarm.

3. Support remote shooting and near-end controllable.

4. It has convenient solar and battery power supply and power management functions.

5. The monitoring capacity of the construction site monitoring system is large, up to 1000 channels or more.

6. It has complete video and picture management and retrieval functions.

7. With front-end timing voice warning function.

8. It has the function of remotely starting shouting.

9. The site monitoring system has solar power supply.

10. With lightning protection design.

11. The design is anti-corrosion, high magnetic and anti-high pressure.

12. The transmission communication channel can be compatible with 3G/4G/EVDO/EDGE/GPRS/CDMA 1X.


The outdoor construction site monitoring system is put into use, which not only greatly facilitates project management, but also improves the level of project safety and civilized construction management, and provides advanced scientific and technological means and strong technical support for the high-standard and high-quality completion of the project.


Video Surveillance Solutions for Interior Decoration Sites


A management system for remote video monitoring system "transparent decoration - site visualization" appeared on the home improvement site. Whether you are thousands of miles away or staying at home, as long as you have access to the Internet, you can have a panoramic view of the construction site without leaving home!



"Transparent Decoration - Visualization of Construction Site" Management System

The "Transparent Decoration - Construction Site Visualization" management system relies on cutting-edge technologies such as video surveillance and voice transmission to monitor the entire process, dynamic, and visualization of materials, construction and management of various home improvement links. By installing cameras on the construction site, customers can see everything happening on the construction site in real time as long as they can access the Internet, achieving the effect of staying at home and controlling the construction site. The intelligent and transparent decoration service model comprehensively challenged home improvement projects and management problems, and for the first time revolutionized customers’ concerns about shoddy decoration materials, uncivilized construction, irregular craftsmanship, and lax management. Reassuring home improvement quality of "full process satisfaction".


"Transparent decoration - Visualization of construction site" management system, the use process is very simple. The customer opens the mobile phone APP, logs in the software and enters the exclusive user name and password to log in, and then they will see a video window, and the work situation of the decoration workers will be fully displayed in front of them.


Benefits of "Transparent Decoration - Site Visualization" of Interior Decoration Site


"Transparent decoration - Visualization of the construction site" provides customers with control over the entire construction site process, including on-site image hygiene, material in and out consumption, process operation specifications, quality inspection and acceptance, and brings the following six tangible benefits to customers in decoration:


Benefit 1: Check the live video of the construction site anytime and anywhere with the help of the Internet without leaving home;

Benefit 2: Supervise on-site image hygiene and civilized construction conditions;

Benefit 3: Monitor the entry and exit and consumption of materials to prevent fake and inferior materials from entering the scene and cutting corners;

Benefit 4: Monitor the implementation of various process operation specifications to ensure the quality of the project;

Benefit 5: Grasp the progress of project decoration, quality inspection, and inspection and inspection status of inspectors and employees;

Benefit 6: It eliminates the pain of traveling back and forth on the construction site and the worries about decoration, allowing customers to work at ease and take a holiday.


Video Surveillance Equipment for Indoor Decoration Construction Sites


Because there is generally no WiFi network in interior decoration construction sites, only 3G or 4G wireless network video surveillance cameras can be used. The detailed video surveillance devices are as follows:


1 x 3G or 4G Wireless IP HD camera

1 x Stand Holder

1 x 3G or 4G Telecommunication Network Card



Take a closer look. In fact, the equipment for the video surveillance solution for the interior decoration site is very simple, and it is recommended to be provided by the decoration design company. If not, the owner can purchase it to monitor the quality and progress of the interior decoration of the house.


"Transparent decoration - Visualization of the construction site" is indeed a good thing for the owner.  However, it means higher requirements for the interior decoration company. Once installed, the entire construction site will inevitably be exposed to the eyes of the customer, which is a little bit mistakes that can't escape the eyes of customers.

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