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Smart Security City

City Security Issues

Many different security issues are facing in different cities around the world, such as traffic safety issues, fire safety issues, public security management issues, theft, robbery and fraud criminal issues, etc. UMOVAL is going to resolve these issues above together with you.

Why We Need To Build Smart Security City?

Some years ago, the United Nations reported that 54% of the world's population lived in cities and projected that it would reach 66% by 2050. There are many reasons for this: cities tend to provide more opportunities for jobs and education, as well as greater access to amenities such as public transportation, sports, and cultural events.

These factors result in growth which consequently places a strain on existing public services, infrastructure and resources. Not to mention keeping the city's residents safe by preventing crime from growing with or even outpacing the population.

The 4th Industrial Revolution has ushered in a new era in the use of IoT (Internet of Things). Smart devices and big data analytics have revolutionized traditional approaches on how products and services are delivered to end consumers.

Most cities have at very least a plan and in most cases an existing program to make themselves safe cities. Increasingly, cities around the world are transitioning to become smart secured cities: urban areas where security solutions work in unison with other systems, extending the benefits of smart security technology into other city operations.

Smart City Solutions for Public Safety

This basic need for public safety is one of the biggest forces driving the adoption of smart security city solutions: approaches which seek to solve urban challenges through technological means.

If technology can transform entire industries, why can't it also make power grids more resilient, transportation systems efficient and municipal water supplies more sustainable? Surely, more data can only lead to better outcomes, right?

Although technology is necessary for an urban area to transition in to a safe and smart city, technology alone isn't sufficient. Truly smart cities are savvy cities and that includes how they employ software, sensing, communications and other technologies to meet their needs.

At UMOVAL, we are strategically positioned to follow this global trend through our tailored technology solution stack and network of hardware and IoT solutions supplier to meet our customers' needs.

Integrating Data and Software with Connected Sensors

There are types of problems which connected sensors, data and software can provide straightforward and effective solutions. For example, network-connected traffic cameras which can relay real-time traffic conditions to both city managers and the public at large, data which morning commuters can then access from a mobile app and adjust their route accordingly.

Smart electricity meters provide another example, whereby monitoring and reporting energy usage in real-time, enables residents to get instant feedback on how their lifestyle choices impact their energy consumption and monthly bill. Utilities can also benefit from such data, as it could highlight specific times and areas of high demand, as well as identify sections of the distribution network that are under heavy strain.

Creating Actionable Intelligence

Smart Security Solutions offers open, innovative, and professional Safe City solutions to take urban security, efficiency, and intelligence to a whole new level.

This new era of surveillance technologies can also assist law enforcement in maintaining public order and safety. The thought is the more areas we observe, the longer we observe them, and the more surveillance data we store and index, the more likely we are to be in possession of the information we need.

Looking for Smart Surveillance Technology

There is one major caveat to smart city solutions. The data tends to flow in one direction from what are ultimately surveillance devices to government officials, leading to tensions between personal privacy and government goals of safety and higher efficiency.

Without a clear understanding and buy-in from all stakeholders (especially the citizens, law enforcement, and city management), those tensions will only escalate as wireless broadband connectivity becomes cheaper and faster, sensor and processing technologies get even more miniaturized and affordable, and big data tools like cloud resources and storage technology grow even more robust as they catalog more and more digital breadcrumbs of our physical lives.

Here's the takeaway. Even in smart cities, dialog, public input, careful analysis, and consensus are still more critical than any technology. This is because city residents are not only consumers of public services and amenities, but also citizens with legal rights.

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