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Hotels Video Surveillance Solutions

Hotels Video Surveillance Solutions

As a comprehensive building, hotels provide customers with accommodation, catering and other related services. There are many people coming and going, and the population is mixed in hotel. But this environment is often used by criminals in hotels, where property and personal safety are threatened. In order to protect the property and life safety of customers, hotels should strengthen the prevention of external personnel and the management of internal personnel, and at the same time conduct key monitoring at important areas, important items and other places. The hotel's video surveillance security system can effectively prevent accidents and protect the safety of customers.



Hotel Video Surveillance System Solutions

Hotel security systems generally include video surveillance systems, intrusion alarm systems, electronic inspection management systems, access control management systems, comprehensive security management systems, etc.


1) Video Surveillance System

A real-time and remote video surveillance security system is implemented for the main entrances and exits and other important areas of the hotel. The system uses the front-end video camera devices, that is, the camera to convert the on-site video into digital signal and transmits it to the security monitoring center, and then uses the display screen to display in real time, storage device to record and store video to realize the remote monitoring of various areas by the staff and the function of post-event retrieval.


2) Intrusion Alarm System

The intrusion alarm system uses front-end detectors to monitor important areas of the hotel to realize illegal intrusion detection in important areas. Once an illegal intrusion occurs in the monitored area, or when the front desk staff or guests actively trigger the alarm button, the front-end detector will immediately alarm when the signal arrives at the center, and the center will alert the security personnel through sound and light alarms.


3) Electronic Inspection System

By setting up patrol points in the hotel’s corridors, stairwells, important computer rooms and other places, security personnel will conduct inspections according to the designed patrol line within a specific time to realize the combination of civil and mechanical defense of the hotel’s security. The online mode is directly connected to the center through the patrol point, which can display the identity information and geographic location of the patrol personnel in real time, which greatly improves the security of electronic patrols. The hotel's access control management system can be integrated to achieve savings the cost of construction during construction project.


4) Access Control Management System

By setting up electronic locks and card readers in a specific area or room to achieve effective control of people entering and leaving the area. One is the access control management of the office area. The second is the access control management of the hotel room department. The access control of hotel rooms also protects the privacy and safety of customers.


5) Comprehensive Security Management System

A system that unifies the video surveillance system, intrusion alarm system and other security systems on one platform for centralized control and management. It comprehensively utilizes the information generated by each subsystem, and according to the changes in the information, allows each subsystem to make corresponding coordinated actions. The system focuses on the exchange, extraction, sharing and processing of information through and across different subsystems.


Hotel Video Surveillance Equipment

In hotel monitoring, IP security cameras are usually installed on each floor, lobby, and parking lot. Finally, the video of all monitoring points are connected into a unified monitoring device. The video surveillance system is mainly composed of the following five parts:

1) Front-end Security Camera

Utilize infrared night high-definition cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras. And the auxiliary monitoring equipment are brackets, power adapters, etc.


2) Central Control Equipment

High-configuration, large-storage embedded hard disk video recorder, such as NVR.


3) Display Device

31-inch display, as large as possible, so that you can view the monitoring situation of multiple cameras at the same time.


4) Transmission Part

Wi-Fi Wireless connected or wired connected 75-3, 75-5 video coaxial cable, RVV2X0.5 power cord, RVV2X1.0 control line.


5) Network Part

Used for network interconnection between subsystems, such as router.



When installing hotel surveillance cameras, the panoramic infrared night dome camera should be installed in the parking lot, and the infrared night camera should be installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. Generally, 6 cameras installed in the parking lot are enough. It is more appropriate to install infrared hemispheres in the lobby and corridors. The lobby and parking lot have the same number of surveillance cameras, and 6 cameras will also be installed. Mainly in the corridors, about 50 cameras need to be installed in the corridors of the hotel on floors 2-6. In this way, 16 channels will be sufficient when choosing hard disk video recorders, and the performance of 16 channels NVR is relatively stable for you.

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