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Smart Property Management

Smart Property Management

Property Management Issues

What issues are property management facing now in the new era of IoT technology? The answers are as below:

● Safety.

● Efficiency.

● Intelligent.

● Unattended.

● Quick.

● Convenient.

UMOVAL is going to resolve these issues for you by supplying smart property management solutions.

Smart Access Control System

Many residents or visitors enter and exit the property passages every day. The access gates must be quick and convenient. UMOVAL has created a series of smart access equipment and system for your property as below:

● Card Access Barrier and Gate.

● Face Recognition Barrier and Gate.

● Video Surveillance Cameras & NVR System.

Parking Management System

The parking management system has been developing from card access barrier into license plate number recognition barrier with a smart timing and billing system, which is effective and unattended to save labor cost.

● Card Access Parking Barrier and Gate.

● Recognizing Vehicles' License Plate Number Access Barrier and Gate.

● Smart Timing and Billing Parking System.

Video Surveillance Cameras with NVR & Real Time Monitoring Technology

The smart video surveillance cameras are connected with NVR and software system on computer or APP on smart phones for monitoring.

● Video Playback

Log in to your camera anytime to get a live view of activity by computer or smart phones.

● Two-way Audio

Intercom-style audio means you can hear what is going on and talk through the camera.

● Camera Sharing

Share camera access with your security or property management colleagues, allowing multiple people to check in any time.

UMOVAL Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a professional smart property management solutions supplier, and smart access barriers, video surveillance cameras & parking access equipment manufacturer in China. Welcome to contact UMOVAL for supports on Smart Property Management Solutions and Devices!

New Project Solutions

Do you need new project solutions now? UMOVAL’s Project Solutions Team will support you with professional sales representative, engineers, local installers and customer service. Welcome to submit your new project here!