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Smart Villas Security Cameras Solutions

Smart Villas Security Cameras Solutions

1. The Villa Scene


Villa Environment: The villas occupies a large area, mostly with private courtyards, and the courtyard walls are composed of relatively low iron railings and shrubs, which provide criminals with opportunities and increase the difficulty of prevention. Most of the people living in villas are those with higher incomes, and they are the main targets of criminals.


Owner's Psychology: The villa owner is very concerned about personal and property safety; pursuing a quality of life; villa decoration costs are high, and the installation of monitoring security equipment hopes to not destroy the original decoration.


Property Management: The video surveillance of the property generally only covers the area outside the courtyard wall of the villa, and there are many blind spots and blind spots, which cannot form an effective prevention mechanism.



2. Pain Point Analysis


1) Open Balcony/Window

Criminals are very easy to sneak into the room through the balcony or window to steal.


2) Outdoor Areas Such as Courtyards

It is easy to hide outside, especially when the visibility is low at night, it provides a "protective umbrella" for criminals.


3) Fence

The fence is low, even just fenced with bushes, it is easy to climb over.


4) Indoor Areas

The home owner is busy with work and cannot be along with his children at home all times.

The villa has a large area, and there is a blind spot over network coverage.


5) Entrance Area

The villa is large in size and it is troublesome to open the door when guests come to visit. In addition, the door area is often blocked by illegally parking vehicles



3. Villa Smart Security Monitoring Solutions


1) Real-time surveillance monitoring in garden and garage, support remote mobile APP or computer to view home dynamics anytime and anywhere.


2) When you go out, one-click defense. Once a stranger breaks in at home, the surveillance system sends out an alarm message and pushes the alarm information directly to your mobile phone, or sets it to be sent to the community property. The security staff will come to solve the danger for you.


3) This solution is a comprehensive security monitoring solution integrating wired or wireless Wi-Fi network. Please select the devices you need according to the actual situation and requirements. For example, there are wireless routers, switches and other equipment in the network, and you only need to select monitoring IP cameras and NVR device.



4. Smart Security Monitoring Equipment:


The villa security monitoring solution is an integrated solution including IP surveillance cameras, video intercom, video doorbell, parking system, wireless network, etc. The security system to guard your villa includes: intrusion prevention, alarm notification, monitoring and video play back, remote intercom, network coverage etc.


The IP security camera is connected to smart phone, and supports multiple devices to connect to one NVR device. The mobile phone can receive alarm message and shout at the scene to drive out the intruder in time to prevent the incident from getting worse when an accident occurs.

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