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Farms & Pastures Security Solutions

Farms & Pastures Security Solutions

A breakthrough in the comprehensive monitoring technology of the agricultural Internet of Things, using software platforms and advanced hardware equipment to build an Internet of Things comprehensive management service system that supports the development of modern agriculture. Build a comprehensive platform for the agricultural Internet of Things to cover the entire farm's decision-making, command and dispatch system. The agricultural IoT technology is widely used in agricultural planting, aquaculture, livestock and poultry breeding and field planting monitoring to realize precise perception, precise operation, and precise management, and promote the increase of agricultural product output, the reduction of inputs, the reduction of labor consumption, the reduction of costs, and the improvement of quality, The price is increased to achieve good economic, social and ecological benefits.


This program design establishes digital video surveillance, and finally realizes the interconnection of all farms' platforms, realizes unified management and unified scheduling, and contributes to the scientific planting and safe production of smart agriculture, and the efficiency of the management system.


Surveillance Video Transmission Solutions

The wireless solution is divided into four parts: solar photovoltaic module power supply, video capture, wireless networking signal bridging, and central signal convergence.


1. Solar Photovoltaic Module Power Supply

All monitoring points are located in farmland, and conventional power supply is not available. Based on comprehensive consideration, it is decided to use photovoltaic modules to generate electricity for front-end equipment such as cameras and wireless bridge electrical equipment.


2. Video Capture Technology

All front-end monitoring points use 2 million network high-definition infrared high-speed domes, and the captured video has high definition, high effective monitoring area, and obvious night vision effect.


3. Video Signal Transmission

The video signal collected by each monitoring point is modulated into a microwave signal by LA-5830F outdoor antenna integrated wireless network bridge and sent back to the main monitoring center. The front end has a total of 8 monitoring points. According to the approximate location of the site, we designed three groups of signal transmission, the first group is one-to-one signal transmission, the second group is one-to-two, and the third group is one-to-four.


4. Monitoring Control Center

The three access bridges in the center also use the outdoor antenna integrated wireless bridge, and the three devices are set to different network ID numbers and frequencies. At the same time, pay attention to separating the three devices at about 3 meters as far as possible during installation to ensure that the signal communication is cleaner.



Video Surveillance Functions for Farm or Pasture Security


(1) All-Weather Monitoring Function:

Through the installation of all-weather monitoring equipment, 24-hour imaging around the clock, real-time monitoring of the security status of the office building indoors and outdoors in farms, ranches, fishing grounds and other areas.


(2) High-definition Imaging Function:

The agricultural test field needs to clearly monitor the growth, flowering period, pests and diseases of the field crops. At the same time, it has the function of controlling the overall situation of the test field and monitoring the details of the seedlings. It is recommended to use a high-definition low-light ball machine with large multiples.


(3) Automatic Tracking Function:

High-definition smart fast dome cameras are used on the perimeter of the office building, main intersections, and outdoor open areas. When a moving object is found, the system will stop continuing to execute the patrol program of the camera, and zoom in on the target image, and track Target in order to record the movement and issue an alarm. These actions do not require the help of the operator, so that the operator can handle the alarm or take other actions.


(4) Front-end Equipment Control Function:

It can manually control the zooming, focusing and other operations of the lens to realize the needs of detailed observation and capture of the target; for outdoor front-end equipment, it can also remotely start auxiliary functions such as wipers and lights.


(5) Hierarchical Management Function:

Record configuration client and operation client information, including user name, password and user authority (system resource), and perform login verification function before the client accesses the monitoring system. Build a C/S-based management platform in the security control center of the office building. For remote access and control personnel, they can log in to the WEB client through authorization to achieve control of the camera PTZ and lens, preview real-time images, and view video data and other functions.


(6) Alarm Function:

The system will effectively arm each monitoring point to avoid man-made damage; when there is a power failure, video blocking, video loss, etc., an alarm signal will be sent on the spot, and the alarm information will be transmitted to the monitoring center to enable the management personnel Get to know the situation at the first time.


(7) Linkage Function:

For any alarm in the monitoring area (image loss, occlusion, personnel area intrusion, etc.), a back-end platform linkage plan can be set, so that real-time alarms can be given through sound, warning lights, and pop-up images on the TV wall. Get to know the situation on the spot as soon as possible.



(8) Centralized Management and Command Function:

The integrated management software is adopted in the command center to realize multi-screen real-time monitoring, video recording, control, alarm processing and authority distribution for each monitoring point.


(9) Playback Query Function:

In case of emergencies, the scene can be viewed in time and real-time video recording, recording the time and location of the event, and timely alarm linkage with relevant departments and personnel for processing, and the video data of the event can be inquired and analyzed afterwards.


(10) Electronic Map Function:

The system software multi-level electronic map, which can visualize the installation location of each monitoring point, alarm point location, equipment status, etc. on the flat electronic map of the area, which is convenient for the operator to call the video image conveniently and quickly .


(11) Equipment Status Monitoring Function:

For the system front-end nodes are network cameras, they maintain IP communication and heartbeat keep-alive between them and the software platform. The software platform can monitor their running status in real time, and can send out alarm signals for abnormally working equipment.



High-definition Video Surveillance Devices for Farms and Pastures


Devices Solution 1:

Some Solar Powered Video Surveillance Cameras

1-2 NVR Recorder

1-2 Display Screen


Devices Solution 2:

Some Solar Powered 4G Micro-power Security Cameras

1 or More Smartphones

UMOVAL Monitoring APP on Smartphone

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