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Smart Security Outdoor

Smart Security Outdoor

Outdoor Security Issues

There will be security issues outdoor in different application environments, such as outside houses, farms, pastures, construction sites, fish ponds, etc. The surveillance video cameras must be weatherproof and wireless for connection. UMOVAL is professional at resolving these issues in these areas for you.

Video Surveillance Systems by Smart Security Technology

Secure your business with on premise outdoor security cameras. The outdoor security systems from UMOVAL offer nonstop, day-or-night capture capability. They're designed to withstand demanding weather conditions, and they're engineered with industry-leading water and particle protection. The smart outdoor security cameras and surveillance systems feature intelligent technology that help secure your perimeter from external threats. UMOVAL's industry-leading line of camera systems are available for different outside environments and areas of all sizes.

Wireless WiFi Weatherproof IP66 Security Cameras

In the special environment outdoor, the security cameras must be weatherproof to resist rain, snow and dust. Therefore, weatherproof IP66 rating is necessary to protect the security devices.

In addition, it will not be convenient to install the camera devices by b network connection. However, wireless Wi-Fi technology has been adopted to the surveillance devices. And if power supply electrical wire connection is not convenient, solar powered security IP cameras are recommended to utilize in your outdoor environment or application areas.

Solar Powered Outdoor IP Security Cameras Wireless WiFi or 4G

What is the solar powered 4G or Wi-Fi wireless outdoor IP security camera?

It is a kind of wireless IP security camera by 4G or Wi-Fi network connection for outdoor usages. And it is powered by solar panels without electrical wire connecting to 110-240V AC.

Where will the wireless 4G or Wi-Fi solar powered IP security camera be utilized? It will be widely utilized outdoor with sufficient sunshine, such as house outside, farms, pastures, fish ponds, construction sides, urban traffics, and highways, etc.

In a word, solar powered wireless 4G or Wi-Fi outdoor surveillance video camera is an ideal product for outdoor security solutions.

Monitor Your Outdoor Environments by APP on Your Smart Phone

Monitor your outdoor environments remotely with video, audio and motion alerts. All of them are from one convenient APP.

Real Time Monitoring Technology

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can get a live video feed from remote outside areas. Automate your smart areas with intelligent alerts.

● Video Playback

Log in to your camera anytime to get a live view of activity at your home on your smart phone.

● Two-way Audio

Intercom-style audio means you can hear what is going on and talk through the camera.

● Camera Sharing

Share camera access with family or colleagues, allowing multiple people to check in any time.

Day and Night Vision

Get crystal clear HD video footage during the day and at night with enhanced night vision. The auto infrared LED switches on in low light level ensuring your view is not obscured in the dark.

Easy Installation

Getting one or multiple cameras set up around your house is easy. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a power plug. Pair the camera to Wi-Fi or 4G network and access it immediately from the smart APP.

All from One APP

The smart APP controls all of your intelligent technical devices with an easy to use interface and intelligent automation features including push notifications, configurable scenes and Automations.

UMOVAL Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a professional smart security outdoor solutions supplier and weatherproof surveillance cameras manufacturer in China. Explore our range of exciting smart security products that turn your outdoor areas into a futuristic secured areas, all controlled from one APP. Welcome to contact UMOVAL for supports on Smart Outdoor Security Solutions!

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