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Smart Security Office

Smart Security Office

Office Buildings Security Issues

Different office buildings issues are facing by property management companies, such as fire safety, and theft, visitors' access, courier delivery, energy-saving, etc. And UMOVAL will supply smart security office solutions and products for these issues above.

Smart Surveillance and Access Control System

An often-overlooked aspect of smart and safe office technology is how employees actually enter and exit the office building. Choose a cloud-based security system that can be managed remotely from one simple interface, such as your mobile phone or tablet PC.

Save time and hassle with convenient, hands-free unlocking methods from the user's smartphone.

Full visibility from anywhere minimizes risk, featuring video surveillance access, anti-tailgating integrations, and lockdown solutions.

Reduce costs by eliminating the need for keycards, fobs, and on-site server maintenance.

Enhance security using two-factor authentication through the user's smartphone with built-in fingerprint scan and facial recognition.

Make visitor management simple and effective with mobile guest pass credentials that can be accessed via links sent by text or email.

Easily integrate with other security applications like video surveillance, directory management, communication platforms and report generating software.

Smart Office Technology in the Post-coronavirus Pandemic Era

As the world adjusts to living in the time of COVID-19, there is heightened awareness about all the things we touch, especially in the workplace, where germs are easily spread from person to person.

Automatically unlocked doors are the first line of defense against germs. Replacing every single door in your facility is unrealistic, so installing a Bluetooth-enabled door access method, paired with an automatic door opening mechanism, is a great solution. UMOVAL's motion-activated readers can integrate with automatic door openers to facilitate a germ-free entry and exit for all your employees and visitors.

Touch-free technology will be key to keeping offices sanitary after COVID-19, like converting to operating coffee machines and elevators with a smartphone instead of having to push buttons. Applying voice-activated technology to communal hotspots can help minimize germ spread as well.

Use IoT tracking systems to determine the highest traffic, most-used areas of the office, then direct maintenance staff to focus on sanitizing and disinfecting those areas more often.

Security Solutions Can Increase Your Office Building's Value

Security measures can add value to your office or commercial property. Balance the cost to reputation and long-term value of crime with security investments.

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