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Learn More about CCTV Cameras

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CCTV Cameras Definition

CCTV camera is the surveillance system also called closed-circuit television surveillance system (Closed-Circuit Television, abbreviated CCTV). It is a comprehensive security system.

With the social development, modern security systems have penetrated into every corner of modern life, become an inseparable part of modern intelligent building engineering, and are increasingly used in modern intelligent buildings. The security system can protect people's lives and property to the utmost extent, and ensure the safety of the intelligent building itself at the same time.

CCTV Video Surveillance

Video surveillance equipment is the foundation of the security system. In the security equipment manufacturing market, video surveillance products account for 58%, and they are also essential equipment for buildings and public places. Megapixel cameras, high-performance codecs, powerful analysis technologies, and all the underlying technologies that facilitate the migration from closed-circuit television (CCTV) to IP/networked video surveillance. Megapixel cameras, high-performance codecs, and IP network technologies among the four major technical factors are all related to high-definition products, and represent the development direction of acquisition, codec, and network transmission in high-definition products.

CCTV Development History

In recent years, with the development of digital video surveillance, high-definition camera is the trend of modern security, and more and more manufacturers have introduced "high-definition" products. The technical standards are constantly being updated with megapixels from 2 million pixels, 3 million pixels to 5 million pixels, and even 10 million pixel cameras. These technologies have also promoted the development of video surveillance systems, and have gradually been recognized by users.

CCTV Components:

● PTZ Control

● Bracket

● protecting Cover

● Monitor

● Video amplifier

● Video splitter

● Video switcher

● Screen splitter

● DVR or NVR

● Monitoring and management platform

● Disk Array.

CCTV cameras adopt the world's most advanced sensor technology, surveillance camera technology, communication technology and computer technology to form a highly intelligent processing system for multi-functional and all-round monitoring.