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What is PTZ Camera?

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PTZ is the abbreviation of Pan/Tilt/Zoom in the security monitoring application, which represents the omni-directional (left-right/up-down) movement of the pan/tilt and the lens zoom and zoom control.

Definition of PTZ

The abbreviation of Pan/Tilt/Zoom, the concept of security monitoring equipment, represents the omni-directional (left and right/up and down) movement of the pan/tilt and the zoom and zoom control of the lens. This word is usually mentioned, and it can be easily understood as PTZ control.

Within the scope of the scene monitored by the camera, when a moving target appears, the user can manually lock it (for example, by clicking the mouse to lock the target) or the preset position automatically triggers and locks a moving target to trigger the PTZ camera to perform autonomous and automatic PTZ tracking. And automatically control the PTZ camera's pan-tilt to rotate in all directions, and perform visual-oriented automatic tracking of the locked moving target to ensure that the tracking target continues to appear in the center of the lens. The automatic PTZ tracking module makes up for the shortcomings of the narrow view of the fixed camera monitoring, and is a necessary function for a complete security monitoring system.

PTZ Dome Cameras

The main components include integrated camera, high-speed stepper motor pan/tilt, embedded decoder board and other electronic components built in a dome camera shield.

Advantages: Easy installation, good protection, strong climate adaptability.

Disadvantages: High cost. The maintainability is poor, and it is not easy to eliminate the fault. Wipers cannot be installed, and the vision is blurred in rainy days.

PTZ Decoder Cameras

That is, the mechanical components of the system are external. PTZ, decoder and camera can also be installed and combined independently.

Advantages: Strong maintenance, low cost, large monitoring angle, wiper can be installed.

Disadvantages: Complex installation, poor protection, and easy to malfunction.

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