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AI Motion Detection 4G Solar Panel PTZ Wireless Cameras

Item #: UM738-4G-BLACK

● 4G Micro Power PTZ Security Cameras, 3.7V and 50 mA to operate continuously.

● Pan/Tilt/Zoom Technology: Pan: 360 °, Tilt: 145 °, and 5 x Digital Zoom.

● Solar Powered and Wireless Security Camera Installed Outside.

● Keep 24-hours Shooting and No Standby Time, 7/24, 365 Days Monitoring.

● Aluminum Alloy Body Cover and IP67 Waterproof Security Cameras for Outdoor Surveillance.

● Black Light Full Color Night Vision, 30 Meters Distance Monitoring.

● 6mm Fixed Lens and 5 x Digital Zoom Security Cameras.

● AI motion detection solar IP cameras.

● AI play back retrieval solar-powered security camera.

● Two-way audio technology 4G wireless solar camera.

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AI Motion Detection 4G Solar Panel PTZ Wireless Cameras

24-hour Shooting & No Standby Time continuously running for 15 days after charged fully even in rainy or misty days.


Why Choose It?


Model Number:



4G (Support Full Band 4G)

Solar Panel Power:

5W Solar Panel

Power Consumption:

3.7V, 50mA

Body Color:


Power Panel Supply:

15600mA (5W) /20800mA (10W)

Rechargeable Battery:

6 PCS/8 PCS 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion battery

Working Way:

24/7 Monitoring, Continuously Working 365   Days: Recording, Detection and Storage.

Sensor Type:

Black Light, 2.0MP 1/2.7” CMOS Sensor


2MP, 1920*1080 Pixel

Video Compressed Format:


Detection Angle:

75° (6mm Fixed Lens)

Photographic Distance:

0-30 meters

Detection Distance:

50 meters

Pan/Tilt Rotation Technology:

Pan: 360 °, Tilt: 145 °

Local Storage:

32G can store the video for 15 days, TF   card, 8GB-128GB for Options


Detection Pattern:

AI Human & Motions Detection (AI Deep   Learning)

Automatically Capture the Human or Animal   Body Motion


Night Vision:

Black Light Full Color Night Vision, 30 Meters   Distance

2 PCS White LEDs (Supplement ) + 4 PCS   Infrared LEDs

Play Back:

Exclusive AI Play Back Retrieval


Two-Way Audio

Lens (Focal length)/Zoom

6mm Fixed Lens (2.8mm/3.6mm/8mm/12mm) / 5   x Digital Zoom

IP Rating:


Working Temperature:


Working Humidity:

0%-90% RH


12 Months

Product Dimensions:

255*165*110 mm

Gross Weight:

2.0 KG

Net Weight:

1.7 KG

Package Size:

280*150*200 mm

What’s Included?

1*Camera, 1*Bracket, 1*USB Cable, 1*Accessory,   1*Instruction Manual.



Carton Size:

76*29*41.5 cm

Gross Weight/CTN:

20 KGS


Master Core Technology on Processing Chip

The exclusive advanced chip is designed & constructed to be micro power consumption, only 50mA while running normally, such as shooting, detection, data storage and being connected with 4G network, only 1/6 of common solar cameras.


Compared with Other Solar Powered Security Cameras



UMOVAL   Solar Cameras

Other   Brands’ Solar Cameras

Solar Panel Power Supply:

5W or 10W

30W or 60W

Power Consumptions:

50 mA (Shooting+Detection)

250-500 mA

Working Way:

24/7, 365 Days Continuous Work

Waken up for shooting when some invade   monitor area

Operation Time:

Work Normally for 15 Days Even in Rainy   and Misty Days

Can Only Work for 2-3 Days When Wakening   up and  Running


32GB card can store 15-day videos

Only 5 to 8-day video shoot when wakening   up

Night Vision:

Displays Full Color Night Vision in Dark   Environments

Some slight light is required to display   color night vision images

Compressed Format

D.267: 30% More Storage Spaces, Longer   Time, More Clear & More Fluid Video Images


Play Back:

AI Play Back Retrieval: Automatically   Filter Invariable Images.

No such a function.


AI Motion Detection

PIR Detection or Radar Detection.

Product Size & Weight:

Mini Size and Light Weight.

Large Size and Heavy Weight.


Wireless & Solar Powered Cameras

Designed with high-effective Power Management System. Solar-powered while the security camera is working and it takes around 2-3 days for it to be full charged.


High-polymer nano coating on solar panel with self-distance, highly improve 98% conversion rate.


Big Capacity Lithium Ion Battery

6*18650 Li-ion Battery continuously work for 10-15 days while the solar camera running normally, keep shooting, detection, data storage and being connected with 4G network.


Wireless 4G Network - Live View Anywhere & Anytime

For the places without electric but need security monitoring, built-in APP hotspot like the router transmit WiFi signals, the smart phone can be connected with security camera and live view anywhere and anytime..


Exclusive D.267 Compressed Format

P Exclusive D.267 Compressed Format, save 30% more storage space than H.265.

P Clearer image & more fluid videos.


2MP High Definition CMOS Image Sensor

Black light full color night vision with optical lens, the camera with AI filtering environment noise.

HG resolution, every frame with clear image.


APP Remote Control in Real Time

P Use UMOVAL APP to live view anytime, anywhere.

P Keep safe peace of mind!


Black Light Full Color Night Vision & Infrared Light Mode

Better than starlight, shows full colors even in the dark environment. Clear black and white images at night, long distance night vision up to 20 meters.

P Infrared Light Mode: Clear black and white images at night, long distance night vision up to 20 meters.

P Smart Full Color Night Vision: Full color night vision, when live view on APP, the blacklight CMOS sensor can record full color images even in darkness at night.


AI Motion Detection

This UMOVAL security camera will automatically capture the picture and video and send alarm message to your APP when some motions have been detected in monitor area.


Local Storage on TF Card

High-performance compressed format, store longer time and record more to the TF card instead of NVR/DVR.

Remarks: 32GB card can save video data for 15 days according to engineer’s testing!


AI Play Back Retrieval

P Automatically filter invariable/No man images, intelligently fix position where there are person intrusion or body moving.

P High resolution, smooth, completed and coherence video images.


Easy to Install

The solar camera can be installed easily on the outside wall. Only 3 Steps to Finish:

Step 1: Scan the QR code to download APP.

Step 2: Install the security camera on the correct place.

Step 3: Add the device on APP and control it remotely.


IP67 Waterproof & Aluminum Alloy Cover Body


How to do if without Enough Sunshine?

The solar panel can be separated from the camera and connected with an extra 3m cable. Install the solar panel under sufficient sunshine if necessary.




Diagram of the Solar Security Cameras


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