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UMOVAL Successfully Passed ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

Jan. 25, 2018 Events Release by UMOVAL Publicity Dept.

In order to further ensure the quality and safety of the company's products, the company has carried out ISO 9001 quality management system certification for the process management of product design, research and development, production and customer service. From March 11 to 15, 2017, the CERTIFICATION EUROPEAN organization audit team conducted a 5-day quality management system certification audit on our company. The departments covered by this review include the general manager, management representative, quality control department, marketing department, sales department, research and development department, production department, finance department, purchasing department, human resources department and other 8 major departments of the company, including production and management.

During the audit process, the audit team conducted a careful and detailed audit in accordance with the company's quality management system document requirements, relevant laws and regulations, industry standards and other requirements, using random sampling, on-site inspection, interviews, and record inspections. With the active cooperation of various departments, the audit work was successfully completed. The audit team fully affirmed and highly appraised the company's work in quality management. It believes that the company's quality policy and objectives established in the system operation are appropriate, publicized and implemented in place, and the implementation and objectives of each department are in line with and effective; In terms of risk identification, evaluation and control measures, the company has achieved strict control, reasonable measures, suitable for the company's own characteristics, in line with the requirements of quality process control, and in compliance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. The entire management process is sufficient and effective. The conclusion is that our company Passed the certification audit and approved the issuance of a quality management system certification certificate containing the UKAS mark.

All departments of the company attached great importance to this audit and the employees actively cooperated to ensure the smooth development and completion of the certification audit. At the summary meeting, the audit team expert and general manager Mr. Keqin Long fully affirmed the importance of the company's quality management system in the development of the company. After the management system certification audit, the company's work flow will be further standardized, service quality and production process The management level of the company will continue to improve, and at the same time, it will also provide an effective guarantee for the improvement of product quality and the improvement of customer satisfaction. In the future work, all departments should follow the requirements of the system documents, insist on speaking, writing, doing and remembering to ensure consistency, and adhere to the quality management policy of "integrity-based, customer first, ingenuity, and continuous innovation" to consolidate results and continue to improve To ensure product quality and create value for customers.