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Technical Breakthrough on G3 Micro Power Solar Security Cameras

Apr. 20, 2020 News Release by UMOVAL Publicity Dept.

Breakthrough on Continuous Operating Time up to 15 Days

UMOVAL Research & Development Team has made a major technical breakthrough on solar powered security cameras finally since setting up the technology project 3 years ago. The tests failed again and again up to 26 times. However, the R&D Team took back to resolve various technical issues persistently again and again. Now the total R&D team has achieved the breakthrough on solar powered security cameras with continuous operation time up to 15 days even during the rainy or cloudy days. Because the micro power consumption technology has been developed and targeted by UMOVAL R&D team.

The Micro Power Solar Security Camera is the 3rd generation solar camera in the market and solar security industry. Congratulation on the Technical Breakthrough of Micro Power Solar Security Cameras by UMOVAL!

Technical Breakthrough on Micro Power Consumption

The former solar powered security cameras are all motivated working if someone moves into the detection areas set by the users, which is called PIR technology in security cameras industry. The PIR solar powered security cameras are not taking videos all the time. It will take videos only when someone invades into the surveillance area. That's the big disadvantage of PIR solar power security cameras in the market.

UMOVAL R&D team has made a big breakthrough on the solar powered security cameras by adopting the micro power chip, which consume less power than ordinary solar powered security cameras. In addition, the sufficient powered battery technology has been utilized in the micro power solar security cameras. 18650 lithium ion batteries will power the micro power solar security cameras day by day.

Master the Core Technology on CMOS Chips

CMOS chip is a kind of low-power memory, its main function is to store the setting information in the BIOS and the system time and date. It should be distinguished from the BIOS chip.

The CMOS manufacturing process has also been applied to the production of photosensitive elements for digital imaging equipment (commonly CCD and CMOS), especially SLR digital cameras with larger format specifications. Then through the analog-digital converter (ADC) on the chip, the obtained image signal is converted into a digital signal for output.

The exclusive advanced chip is designed & constructed to be micro power consumption by UMOVAL Technology, only 50mA while running normally, such as shooting, detection, data storage and being connected with 4G network, only 1/6 power consumption of common solar cameras.

Keep Outdoor Scenes Safe and Totally Peace of Mind

Less power and no electrical wire connection fees, and zero electric charge!

The micro power solar security cameras are widely utilized in farms, pastures, orchards, construction sites, villas outside, forests, fishponds, and tourist attractions etc. Don't be afraid of theft or robbery issues from now on and totally peace of mind!